Hello and Welcome!

Think about it: how much of your life is spent in the restroom?

I’ve spent entire days in there, my eyes fixed on the wall directly in front of me…Waiting. Wishing. Wondering: What would make my personal restroom more welcoming. I have Crohn’s Disease, a digestive disorder that often leads me directly to the bathroom door, especially after meals. Now I know that Bathroom Humor is sort of a taboo subject – really, who wants to talk about their potty habits? I DO! But in a more refined way.

After visiting several local restaurants, an idea began to formulate: what if I reviewed the restrooms that I spent so much time in? Some of them are quite beautiful. Some of them are really grungy. Some of them are downright terrifying! But, I have seen restrooms that make me pause, briefly, to take in the pure perfection. All of the proper elements in place. I’m a stickler for details, and you should be, too. I will be the eyes, hands, and behind of the St. Louis restroom scene. You will be the first to know what I find, be it a basket of soggy hand towels or a piece of artwork that elevates the room beyond its basic purpose.

Occasionally, I will talk about other things. What is a blog, but a place to muse about the day to day? I hope that you don’t mind too terribly. A girl’s got to talk about something more than…elimination.

So, Welcome to the Wonderful World of Restroom Reviews, Ladies and Gentlemen. As they say in the movies, “Hold on to your butts!”

(corny jokes are a special feature provided by the blogger; please accept with sympathy and good humor)


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