Oh, man, do I HAVE to??

I drink a lot of water, especially at work. Ya gotta stay hydrated, y’know. More Water = Happy Lily = Happy Customers. But you know what all that water leads to: several trips to the loo.

Featured today is a snapshot of my work restroom (location undisclosed) (I’d rather keep my job, k’thanks). It is…well…I mean, it has soap. That’s a plus. There’s tons of cleaning supplies and paper product reinforcements. The sign above the trashcan states something about there being no Bathroom Faeries to come and clean up after dropped tissue/towels/tp. This is evident. The trashcan isn’t a large one, sure. It’s small. And the Faeries have not come to clean up. The Fae also do not put paper towels or toilet paper onto their appropriate holder when the product runs out. That’s the job of whomever it annoys the most.

Needless to say, I do not feel warm (literally. the freezing outdoor temps press against that outer wall like Ally Sheedy pressing on that Captain Crunch sammich in ‘The Breakfast Club’), or welcome. So as not to make the restroom feel too badly about itself, I did not photograph the stenchous mops and buckets directly across from the pot. They’re really something to look at while shivering on the toilet, reaching for the loose tp, and keeping your iPhone from slipping illicitly from your back pocket. (No Phones on the Sales Floor, People!)

I can’t NOT drink water. Drinking water comes as naturally to me as my free use of parentheses (what?) So I do have to. Frequently. But you can bet I’m out of that grimy ice box faster than you can say “Bathroom Faerie.”


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