So Soft. So So Soft.

OK. This Bathroom has the softest toilet tissue that has ever touched my nether regions. Ever. Whatever it is, it kicks the shit out of Charmin.

Where is this divine tissue?

Avenues Counseling in Richmond Heights. I’m pretty sure you have to be a client to use their loo, but I know that scores of readers will want to pat their bum with some of this luxurious paper.

Other than the tp, the restroom is pretty standard. Clean, with natural lighting from the window during the day, the restroom has that old-house charm (the counseling offices are in…an old house). It’s not incredibly spacious, but there is toilet paper (aahh) on both the window ledge and the spindle next to the toilet. Febreeze spray is handy, should one encounter a 2. There is both soap and sanitizer available on the standard sink. I was a bit disappointed that the faucet was not “old” to match the feel of the house, but that’s just me being picky. Paper towels are available to the right of the sink, single pull at a time (no waving about for motion sensors), and the trashcan is directly located under the towel dispenser. This keeps you from dripping a spotty line of water across the tile floor.

All in all, *mwah*, high quality in an unexpected place. Who would expect their therapist’s little bathroom to have the clouds of an angel on a roll in their loo? Not I, but if the therapy is soothing, shouldn’t the toilet tissue be so, too?

I’ll definitely be making a post-session stop on Therapy Day, if for nothing else than to rub my cheek on the toilet tissue.


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