Angel and the Tiny Bath

There is no room in this restroom! Everywhere I stood, I could find no good photograph, so i took a picture of the picture on the wall. I found it amusing. And it’s better than a picture of half a toilet, because that’s all I could get in the frame.

Where is this tiny loo? Angel & the Bad Man Tattoo Parlor in Washington MO (about 45 minutes from St. Louis).

The Parlor itself is quite charming, with it’s Old West themes and spacious tattoo stations. The bathroom, however, is nothing to mention at all, really (though I must, because it’s my job). Everything is clean and handy, and just a wee bit bigger than an airplane bathroom. I like hooks upon which to hang my purse, but there are none to be found here. It’s not a Bad Bath for the Bad Man…but it’s far from Angelic.

If you’ve gotta hit the loo, I won’t tell you not to. But be prepared to rub elbows with the walls.


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