Shiny Happy Peeple

Dewey’s Pizza: Ellisville. The pies are hot and delicious and the atmosphere is casual yet hip. But Who CARES about that?!? Let’s talk Potty, people…it’s been awhile.

Gleaming, lustrous stainless steel as far as the eye can see! Upon entering, I was curious as to whether the actual pot was going to be just as sleekly silver (it was not). Okay, Okay, fine. The floor wasn’t metal, but it was pretty damn shiny, which only added to the impression of cold, hard cleanliness.

I don’t have many complaints about this restroom. It was indeed clean, freshly so (as we were THOSE kind of patrons. Y’know, the 5 minutes before closing time kind). I have one small, personal pet peeve: the soap dispenser was over —>there, and the sink was over<—here. This leads to the dribble-effect. While using the sink – a satin shiny bowl-of-wonder – one must reach over to the soap dispenser. This brings a smattering of water across the counter. Then, when you use the soap dispenser, a fine dribble of slimy hand cleanser trails its way back to the sink, through the aforementioned water. This creates a goo line. That’s the best way that I can describe it. Goo. Line.

But, again, this in no way detracts from the luster and gleam that I beheld upon entering the loo at Dewey’s. The trash bin was easily-located. There was plenty of one-ply paper at hand. The stalls were spacious, the walls unmarred with graffiti or scratches. The atmosphere was not warm, nor was it meant to be. The space was serviceable and clean, and for that it deserves a medal of recognition. And you better believe…it’s a SILVER one.


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