Don’t You Love it when the Curtains Match the Drapes?

Okay, Okay. For the first post in a year and a half…I didn’t have to really go there. But I did. But for me, it doesn’t mean what it usually means. I mean, my drapes…I mean, curtains…NEVERMIND! No one needs to know about my window dressings! And if ya do, you’re in the wrong blog. We talk potties here, with only a bit of the language ending up in the shitter.

For the sake of this particular entry, the Drapes part is the overall look of the venue, in this case Circle 7 Ranch in Ballwin. The Curtains, the window dressing, is the loo. And fellas and femmes, I LOVE it when the look of the restaurant carries itself right on in through the bathroom door. And all it took for this tipsy girl was those damn wooden doors. I really had had a couple of drinks, headed to the loo, and saw those ranch-style doors…let me tell you, I was scrabbling for my phone to snap a shot of those swingin’ stalls.

Upon further reflection, the rest of the room is unremarkable. Regular, plain ol’ tile floor. Walls to match. Sink where it’s supposed to be. I’m sure toilet paper was in there somewhere.

But the Curtains Matched the Drapes! And after a couple of “Gold Rushes” (try them should you happen this way), that was perfect. So was the use of said Curtained Carriage.

I’ll try to keep it a little more…er…focused for the next review. But welcome back to Girl in the Loo. If you have any Loos in the Lou that I have to see, drop me a message. I’ll be sure to give them a look-over.

Potty On!


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