Something Smelleth in the Land of London…

OK, so I try not to judge a place by its restroom, but….oh, who am I kidding?? I totally DO!

This one was a doo-zie.

So, Jason had finished his soup and sausage-croissant-thingie, and I was picking at my scone. We were waiting and waiting for our tea to be delivered, so I decided to to try the “restaurant trick” of going to the restroom to bring on the tea. For some reason, this always does the trick. Leave the table, *poof* food/tea appears. Besides, I needed a picture, and I wanted to see what cute decor The London Tea Room would dress their loo with.

I am so glad that I didn’t actually have to use the restroom.

It had the essentials. A sink. Towel dispenser. Toilet. This toilet was most assuredly escential. See that ledge? Not just a smelly candle, no. Not even an oil and lavender diffuser would do. A can of Febreeze for good measure, and, I should point out that the shadow on the far right of the frame…yep…another spray for smells. May I say that all of these accoutrements did nothing? Wow. Not only did the last person to attend this restroom left in much too much of a hurry to replace the toilet paper properly (HUGE pet peeve), they couldn’t give the bowl a little brush afterwards to, erm, freshen its smell. Or its appearance. I would not have even squatted my bottom over this toilet. That bad. That part’s out of frame, to preserve the squeaky-cleanliness of my readers’ eyes.

I bared barely a glance at the cute decor that was a simple sign that said “Cambridge,” the only bit of English propriety on this side of the door. I took the picture, and I was out.

And, wouldn’t you know it, the tea had arrived at our table!

I managed to finish my scone, with some generous assistance. Perhaps I should have said something to a staff member. In retrospect I do feel as if a word or two would have been appropriate.

All in all, our experience at the Tea Room was fair. I’m hoping that a staff member took a peek into the loo at some point soon after my departure and put one of those smell-masking devices into good use. One can hope. And if nothing else…they could put the toilet paper on the holder.

It’s only proper.


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