I Smell the Smelly Smell of Something that Smells Smelly!

I’m not gonna lie, the first time I saw this on a late-night TV ad, I wanted a bottle so badly! Just to see if it worked. I was so curious. I’m not a big fan of adding extra smells to the restroom (see previous post), but if it worked…well, that would be super-cool.

See, you take the spray (“with natural essential oils”!!), shake it up, and spritz a couple of spritzes onto the surface of the water. THEN, and only then, do you do your business. The Poo-pourri is said to encapsulate the No. 2, trapping any offensive odors IN the toilet. Other odor-masking sprays just, well, mask the odor. It’s still there, but now it just smells like you’ve been arranging flowers in an outhouse. So if there were a natural scent-trapper, one that flushed with the flushings…that’s very exciting. To me. And maybe a few other people. Like my Grandma.

Because she HAD a bottle of the Poo-pourri IN HER BATHROOM! I happened to pop into the loo for a quick moment, and saw this bottle of “Heaven Scent.” I, of course, had to snap a picture! Here was a real-life bottle of the stuff I had been so curious about. So I rush out of the restroom…”You have this! I’ve been looking for this!” It turns out that, while I am strong in the face of late-night shopping temptation (now I am, anyway. I think I bought one of those crazy Gazelle exercise machines in the middle of the night. and some BeachBody workout DVDs.), my dear grandmother is not. She is quick with the credit card in the wee hours. Not only did she have this one bottle in her possession, she had several! And said I could TAKE ONE! I chose the Potty Potion which is composed mostly of lavender oil. She also had a Christmas-themed one, something about cookies and vanilla, but I thought I’d start with something less food-centric.

It’s home with me now, this treasure of the late-night loo lover. Does it work?

Stay tuned…


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