I said that I wouldn’t. However, I did some cleaning…

The loo of the Girl. ‘Tis my own. Now there may be some beard clippings from my dear Jason around and about the sink. Notice that that is out of frame. Only the top of a clean toilet is shown, with a shelf above housing less-than-half of my nail polish collection. (some women are purses…some are shoes…I’m a polish fetishist.)

You may be noticing the bottle of Poo-Pourri upon the toilet, and I did promise a review. I’ve only used it once, and I was in a bit of a hurry, so just a few spritzes made it to the water (the bottle recommends a shake and 5 or 6 spritzes). Perhaps that is why it didn’t really do much. I plan on further trials, but for now…the bottle is a rather hipster decoration. All the cool kids are spritzing. Why shouldn’t I?

Four essential books top my toilet. For some reason, I simply cannot play on my phone while on the pot. I can, however, read Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. The books are set up to where you can browse longer sections for more extensive sittings, or just a page or two for a quick stop, drop, and go. Every time I personally use the Bathroom Reader, I open to a random page and read what I find. A little bit of  History lessons, famous quotes, and the occasional mini-fact that will get you through your next Trivia Night. I’ve rarely read the same passage twice. If you don’t have a Bathroom Reader, I highly recommend them for passing the time in the loo. They are sold at most major bookstores, and of course can be found in the leading internet superstore.

There’s not much to review about my restroom. The soap is near the faucet and the towels are near the sink, so rarely a dribble from drip to dry. I seldom use the hand towels above the toilet (as Jason uses them to wipe up beard clippings from the sink…and I hate getting those stuck to my wet hands). I reach behind myself to the body towels. It’s a small bathroom, so it’s not a far reach. But a drip may hit the floor. Tsk Tsk.

I have more public loos to review, and they will be rolling in quite soon. However, it’s always nice to see where one rests their rumps. It’s not unusual to take a peek into a friend’s restroom and pass just a little bit of judgement. Go on…admit it…


Well, I’ll keep the reviews coming anyway. You never know when I’ll find a kindred soul, ones who love the loo and what’s in it, too.

May your Flushes be Powerful and Complete!

EDIT….I noticed that the picture is cropped so that my nail polish collection is not visible on the page, and you can only see one of the Bathroom Readers. I will work on further editing techniques. Because you’ve GOT to see the full picture!



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