Papier de Toilette pour tout le Monde!

loosely translated: Zut alors! There’s Toilet Paper EVERYwhere…for EVERYONE!

When I entered this stall at the First Watch in Des Peres, MO… I couldn’t help but laugh. I mean, I had to GO, sure. But, wow!

I wished, I mean really really wished for a patron in the next stall to beg for some paper to be passed under. And I could beg off, giggling. Not in a mean way. OK, maybe, but with good-natured meanness. Honestly, you see 6 rolls that are visible. That does not count the four wrapped rolls that were in <—that corner of the stall. Clearly, the employee in charge of stocking the restroom thought that some serious shit was going down. Ahem.

But my bottom wouldn’t be the cleanest surface in this loo. I’ve got to say, whoever was in charge of this restroom on this particular day performed admirably. No drips and dribbles from soap to sink to towels. No stray paper on the floor. The floor itself, freshly mopped. The decor was low-key, the earth-tones mellow and inviting.

This bathroom really was perfection. I’ve experienced a loo at just about every First Watch in the immediate area, and this one was the best of the lot.

Plus…if I ever need to TP someone’s house…I know where to go to stock up!


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